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We are experts in
Coronavirus Covid19 Disinfection,
Pest Control, Legionella and Termites in Andalusia


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Disinfection of Covid19 Coronavirus and DDD pest control in Andalusia

Gimasur Ambiental, S.L. is an Andalusian SME in the environmental health sector, founded in 2014 under the premise of offering a service of such quality that distinguishes us from the competition. We are registered with ROESBA (0809-AND-450) and ROPO (18-429). We are the third Andalusian company to be awarded the CEPA Certified®, according to European standard EN 16636, for professional pest control services including coronavirus disinfection.

Desinfección Control Plagas
Control Covid Termitas Desinfeccion

Pest Control
Rat extermination and insect control

We prevent and control infestations of any annoying, harmful or dangerous animals that may harm our customers.
Our application technicians have sufficient experience and training, not only to completely eliminate the problem in question, but also to help prevent it from recurring in the future.

Pest control equipment

Gimasur supplies and maintains hygienic solutions and equipment for pest control, through its brand INSECTOCAPTOR
Sticky plate insect killers, or insect traps, use UV light to attract flying insects (flies, moths and mosquitoes), with a sticky plate where the insects are trapped.

Eradication of termite mounds
Tentritech Termite System

Somos Aplicadores Autorizados del sistema de eliminación de termiteros SENTRITECH. El método más avanzado y contrastado del mundo, el único con Hexaflumurón. 100% Garantía de exterminio total de termitas. No ponemos parches, eliminamos la causa de sus problemas, con la mayor seguridad y discreción, en un plazo que ronda los 3 a 6 meses desde el contacto.

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We are CEPA certified

Certificate CEPA – EN 16636

We are Authorized Applicators of the SENTRITECH termite removal system. The most advanced and contrasted method in the world, the only one with Hexaflumuron. 100% Guarantee of total extermination of termites. We do not put patches, we eliminate the cause of your problems, with the greatest security and discretion, within a period of around 3 to 6 months from the contact.



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Gimasur’s Online Shop provides economical hygienic-sanitary solutions for pest control within the reach of all publics, professionals and individuals.


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We offer URGENT Coronavirus Disinfection solutions and personalised advice to reduce the risk of infection in your business.


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