Red Palm Weevil

Rynchophorus ferrugineus or Red Palm Weevil is a beetle that causes serious damage to palm trees. After laying the eggs adults in the palm trees, the larvae penetrate directly into the trunk, tilling galleries of 1 meter. The central leaves yellow and wither, so in a few weeks, almost all of the crown is affected causing the death of the palm tree. If the galleries damage the apical yolk, the palm tree dies hopelessly.

The damage caused by the larvae is visible very late, and when the first symptoms of infestation appear, they are so severe that they usually result in the death of the palm tree. That is why the importance of the prevention and application of effective phytosanitary treatments.

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Methodology to eradicate the Red Palm Weevil

The working methodology that Gimasur follows, is summarized in the application every 45-60 days of the following treatments, except in winter, minimum 5 treatments per year:

1. Endotherapy. It consists of providing the systemic phytosanitary chosen in the central area of the trunk so that the vascular beams transfer the product to leaves and buds. The insect dies from contact or intake of outbreaks of the treated palm tree. Active materials to be used include Imidacloprid 20%, Abamectin 1.8% or Tiametoxam 25%.
2. Foliar Shower. It is a question of wetting the bud abundantly and without pressure with the chosen product, so that it saturates the crown of the palm tree. Two types of products can be used for treatment: biological (entomopathogen nematodes such as Steinernema carpocapsae) or chemicals registered in the Official Register of Products and Phytosanitary Material and authorized for use in palmaceous (insecticides such as Imidacloprid 20% or Cloirirpfos 48%).

Because the degree of infection is unknown, the outcome of treatment cannot be guaranteed. In unffected palm trees, prevention is almost 90% effective. If the palm tree is affected, healing approaches 60%. However, if the apex is damaged or dead, the palm tree has no solution. The possibility of losing all palm trees if they are not treated is approaching 100% in the coming years.


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