Pests in Catering Industry: No1 in Bars and Restaurants

Gimasur pest control in Catering Industry (Bars and Restaurants) of Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville

Avoiding and controlling pests in catering industry (bars, cafes and restaurants) are a health obligation marked in the GENERAL HYGIENE PLANS AND APPCC and should be taken into account in pest control. Any type of pests in catering industry cause food contamination and are a frequent reason for customer complaints. A fly, cockroach or wasp during lunch can create a very unpleasant situation for your business. This can lead to bad reviews, negative references and negatively affect your reputation on social media.


Catering Industry

At Gimasur we offer you different types of pest control treatments in catering industry depending on the needs of each business, offering specialized plans. Pest control is carried out with specific treatments of fumigation, spraying, insecticide gel, monitoring and capture traps, insectcaptor machines. That is, specific techniques and respectful of the presence of food. We provide all official health documents and certificates and advise on health inspection.

When we treat pests in catering industry we maintain the utmost discretion, in fact our vans are not labeled in order to protect your business. Working on the schedules that your business is closed to the public, on closing days and nightly hours.

The most common pest control treatments we usually perform in catering businesses are:

  • Control of flies and flying insects. Flies, mosquitoes and wasps are very annoying, and can be a risk since they are vectors of disease when contaminating food. To do this we install and maintain INSECTOCAPTORES (fly killers) that trap with its adhesive sheet any fly or mosquito, previously attracted by its ultraviolet light. For wasps and tabarros we use capture traps, as well as roof fumigations, eaves to eliminate wasps.
  • Rodent control. Rats and mice are highly feared due to the wide variety of bacteria and diseases they transmit, so they are a major risk for catering businesses. Therefore, we offer different types of treatments that are according to each installation depending on the characteristics of the premises and the specific circumstances.
  • Control of cockroaches and ants.  One of the biggest threats to the hospitality and catering businesses is cockroaches, since they are insects that reproduce very quickly and hide in areas with heat, humidity and food, that is, in food areas, warehouses, the bar or in areas such as coffee maker, dishwasher, refrigerators or freezers. We are specialists in Germanic Control(Blatella germanica)and Americana(American Periplanet). Ants are also a very annoying insect and difficult to exterminate.
  • Insect control of stored products. Many insects can access the facilities by entering raw materials or finished products, such as flour moths or some types of beetles. These insects can also be accessed by flying. through open windows or doors, being able to contaminate food. In that case, the same INSECTOCAPTORES (fly killers) perform a double function that will help you avoid economic losses. You can buy them directly from our store:

Pest control in catering industry, includes DESRATIZATION, DISINSECTION and DISINFECTION solutions against Coronavirus Covid19, in the Andalusian provinces of Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville, including the municipalities of the central regions of Andalusia such as Antequera, Loja, Lucena, Alcalá La Real, Montilla, Estepa, Montefrío, Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical, Axarquía, Poniente Granadino.


We carry out deratization services (Rats and mice) in bars, restaurants and cafes in Andalusia


We carry out fumigation and desinsection services of cockroaches, ants and flies in bars and restaurants in Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville.

Coronavirus disinfection

We carry out disinfection services against Coronavirus Covid19 in catering businesses in the regions of Loja, Antequera, Lucena, Alcalá La Real and remains of Andalusian counties.

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