Pests in Shops and Stores, DDD Services and Covid19 Disinfection

Gimasur pest control in Shops and Stores of Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville

Pests in shops, stores, supermarkets and other retailers, whether or not they are dedicated to food, must take into account the action of pest control in shops to avoid any problems that they may cause in their stocks and possibly in their reputation, leading to large economic losses.

The presence of food and heat in these facilities can attract numerous pests in shops. Among them, the most common in these businesses are rodents, cockroaches and flies. All types of pests can contaminate their products through microorganisms, putting people’s health at risk. In the case of rats, in addition to gnawing cables, they create short circuits that stop the production of your business or even cause a fire.



We offer DDD treatments of Deratization, Disinesction and Disinfection, both punctual and an annual DDD Pest Prevention and Control plan that guarantees you peace of mind.

For the Annual Pest Control Plan in shops, the technician will visit your business regularly, in order to prevent pests from accessing and multiplying at your facility. During these visits you will review and replenish pre-placed bait stations, look for signs of possible pest activity, and advise you on steps to take to reduce the risk of pest infestation.

If necessary, the fumigation and spray treatments necessary for pest elimination shall be carried out and pest-specific monitoring shall be carried out in order to carry out monitoring and evaluation. At the end you will be sent all official documentation and health certificates, with which you can justify to the health inspectors the checks carried out.

The main pests in shops and shops are as follows:

  • Rodents (Rats and Mice): They are one of the most common pests in shops and stores. They are very harmful and dangerous since they can gnaw on all kinds of materials causing serious damage and transmit multiple diseases. They abound in public sanitation, a garbage area and can take refuge in their false roofs or warehouse.
  • Coronavirus Covid19: In times of pandemic, professional disinfections with official health certificate are required in order to cut off air and surface transmission of Sars-cov-2. We operate in businesses of any kind either preventively or CORRECTLY to eliminate the possible transmission between workers and customers, etc. To do this we use professional viricide disinfectants authorized by the Ministry of Health and effectively demonstrable virucide. We have fumigation, misting, spraying equipment to fight with guarantees and guaranteed efficiency. Advising our clients for free.
  • Legionella Prevention and Control. All shops have an obligation to comply with Royal Decree 865/2003 laying down hygienic-health criteria for the prevention and control of legionellosis. Legionella is a bacterium that lives in water. The presence of ACS sanitary hot water thermos and the AFCH Human Consumption Cold Water network for showers and sinks creates the ideal conditions for legionella proliferation and contagion.
  • Flying insects. These are flies, mosquitoes and wasps, among others, which can contaminate food, annoy customers in their rest and therefore affect the business image. We have insectcaptors and insects that you can buy in our online store:

Pest control in shops and shops, includes DESRATIZATION, DISINSECTION and DISINFECTION solutions against Coronavirus Covid19, in the Andalusian provinces of Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville, including the municipalities of the central regions of Andalusia such as Antequera, Loja, Lucena, Alcalá La Real, Montilla, Estepa, Montefrío, Costa del Sol, Costa Tropical, Axarquía, Poniente Granadino.


We carry out deratization services (Rats and mice) in Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville


We carry out disinsection services in Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville.


We carry out disinfection services in Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville

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