Cleaning of Cisterns and Drinking Water Deposits

Disinfection Experts

Gimasur – Cleaning of Aljibes and Drinking Water Deposits

Gimasur Ambiental, has extensive experience in the field of cleaning cisterns and drinking water tanks. The technicians shall remove both the sludge by suction ant the removal of limestone inlays by hydrocleaner, performing a physical or mechanical cleaning. A chemical cleaning will then be carried out by means of a chemical descaling and finishing the process with disinfection of the walls of the tanks, for this purpose the products authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health will be used for use in drinking water.

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Gimasur – Cleaning of Cisterns and Drinking Water Tanks

In order to carry out these cleaning and disinfection work, account shall always be taken of the provisions of Royal Decree 140/2003, February 7, which lays down the health criteria to be met by the consumer waters and the facilities that allow their supply, from the capture to the consumer’s tap and the control of the consumer, ensuring their health, quality, cleaning and disinfection, in order to protect human health from adverse effects arising from any type of contamination of stored water.

This regulation establishes who are responsible for the facilities and requires at least one cleaning and disinfection service for each drinking water tank once a year.

With each Cleaning and Disinfection service, we issue an Official Health Certificate that can be included in the SINAC. We also send the Safety Data Sheets, Registration of the Hypochlorite in the Ministry of Health and a Photographic Report that demonstrates the previous status and the completed service.



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