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Deratization consists of a series of physical, chemical or mechanical treatments, which eliminate or scare away the presence of rodents, always taking into account prevention, surveillance and control. Its success depends not on the applied raticide, but on the methodology of application, in which Gimasur has extensive training and proven experience in the most difficult situations, making sustainable use of raticdas, seeking respect for the environment with the safety of people and businesses.

The species of rats and mice present in Andalusia and Spain are as follows:

  • Grey or Norwegian rat (Rattus norvegicus)
  • Black or roof rat (Rattus rattus)
  • Domestic mouse (Mus musculus).

Rodent pests are one of the most feared as they transmit numerous diseases and are able to cause serious damage, so it is necessary to act quickly when a plague of rats or mice is suspected.

Their risk to public health is their defecations and urine, causing serious diseases such as Hantavirus infections, viral hemorrhagic fever, Q fever, leptospirosis or weil disease, cryptosporidiosis and even bubonic or black plague.

Rodents are animals highly adaptable to the environment and able to colonize any urban environment such as the sewer system and access the interior of homes (false roofs, cupboards and garages), premises and agri-food industries in search of food and shelter.

For businesses, it is essential to control this type of pest, since they can cause numerous losses, both in electrical installations and in food products, due to the damage caused by rodents, and can even affect the reputation of the company. In this case, Gimasur Ambiental, offers its rodent pest control and prevention services, which establishes a specific prevention plan for each facility, which allows to scare away rodents.

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Gimasur pests control un Antequera


  1. Situation Diagnosis or Pre-Analysis

At this stage we look for the cause of the problem. Identifying the specific species and its population, the place of entry and the causes that favor it. Looking for footprints, excrement, rodents, dead animals, sounds, smells, etc.

  1. Action plan
  • Preventive measures: we avoid the appearance of rats for this we detect the places of entry such as holes and hollows, changes in the storage of food or garbage that are usually the products that rodents look for the most.
  • Control measures: Measures against pests such as the installation of multiple traps, traps, adhesive sheets or the application of baits, gels and liquid raticide in the vicinity and within the affected areas are applied. Even if burrow spraying is necessary.
  • Monitoring and Monitoring: After deratization we carry out a regular monitoring to make sure that the pest has disappeared.
  1. Deratization.

To avoid the onset of rat pests, several treatments are usually done a year at the most conflicting points. The number of treatments will be determined depending on the population and extent of the pest, as well as the characteristics of the facility to be protected. Gimasur in any case, will use the most varied techniques, traps, as well as the best raticdas on the market, since our quality is our hallmark.


We have a wide range of treatments and products against rodent pests that allow us to adapt to the needs of each client, whether it is timely treatment to eliminate sporadic problems, or annual maintenance treatments with guarantee.



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