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Disinsection involves carrying out a series of processes to eliminate, control and prevent infestation of insect pests, whether crawlers or crawlers or flying, such as cockroaches, wasps, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, flies, moths, grafts, lepisma, etc., from a given place.

Gimasur performs customized inspections for each facility before performing the appropriate treatment, to identify what type of pest species it faces and the degree of infestation of the pest. Once these factors are determined, a plan is established that determines the required recurrence, the working method and the products to be used.

Various types of chemicals can be used for treatments that can be applied by spraying, misting, thermoonebulization, gel tapping, skewering and microwave, among others. Solving the discomfort caused by such insects to the many herpetophobics.

Once the pest is removed, it is recommended to prolong the disinsection work to carry out preventive maintenance of the facilities.

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Gimasur pests control in Antequera


Another very important element in the field of pest control is the monitoring, which Gimasur technicians perform on each visit. It is used to determine the evolution of the treatments that are performed or to alert you to new possible infestations.

Different types of catch traps are used to carry out monitoring, depending on the type of pest to be monitored (cockroaches, wasps, flies, beetles, moths, grafts, etc.), combined with different types of pheromones. These traps can also be used for treatments whose infestations are mild.



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