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Gimasur Ambiental, S.L. is the only approved distributor in Spain of the brand Insectocaptor®, distributor of products of exceptional quality for the prevention and control of flying insects and other pests of harmful or dangerous animals. Industrial characteristics at a cheap price, therefore excellent value for money.

Reject cheap, poor-quality imitations of similar or similarly named products as in almost all cases they are ineffective in catching flying insects in the medium term, and at other times use poor quality spare parts that will affect their power of attraction and capture.

Gimasur has insectcaptor and insect machines, which are a very useful method whose main function is to catch and kill flying insects.

Thanks to the variety of designs we have, they allow us to adapt to the needs of any business.

Fly killers

Adhesive plate infectives, disinfection traps, or insectocaptors use UV ultraviolet light to attract flying insects (flies, moths and mosquitoes), with a adhesive plate where such insects are trapped. They are ideal for use in critical areas such as publicly exposed areas, kitchens and food preparation areas. Being especially recommended for bars, restaurants, agri-food industries, packers, hotels, terraces, campsites, factories, warehouses, shops, etc.

Adhesive plates are gridded to promote counting and identify captured insect species. Providing accurate information for audits. They contain Trisozene Z9 pheromones for further capture.

Gimasur uses high-efficiency and non-tillable UV tubes from the Philips brand. In addition, in areas at risk of explosion, gas or dust there are machines that are Atex certified and IP Certified for wet places.

At Gimasur, we offer an Insectcaptor maintenance service, which meets Agri-Food quality standards such as APPCC, IFS and BRC, so that each Insectocaptor offers an optimal result.

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Electric spark-killing or insect-killing grills are based on directly killing the flying insect by electrocution. Insects are attracted by ultraviolet light emitted by the insectcutor and subsequently receives an electric shock.

This lamp, unlike insectcaptors, should be placed in areas where there is no food, where there are handles or passing areas, since the insects do not stick and can fall anywhere. In fact they are prohibited in areas of presence of food because of the unpleasant smell of burning.

This method does not require replacement of sheets, since it only uses one ultraviolet light tube to be replaced annually. The light trap attracts insects to an electric grid and touching two cables with high electrical voltage between them produces electrocution that kills flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Look for the model you are looking for, with any of Gimasur’s Insectocaptor you can maintain your hospitality, catering or agri-food industry, free of flying insects all year round.

And if you also live in our radius of action in the provinces of Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Jaén and Seville, we can provide you with the annual maintenance service of insectocaptores.



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