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In the field of pest control, the term fumigation is well known, in which for years, any pest control activity has been used as a generic concept, but it really only corresponds to treatments performed with gases or gas-generating products.

Fumigants are used to perform these types of treatments, which are chemical agents (originally in liquid, solid or gas state) that are or are transformed into gases, expanding and able to eliminate pests that cannot be fought by other means.

In the case of fumigants, particles and droplets, being gases, are diffused through the air and penetrate all areas (slots, cracks, goods, etc.) that allows to eliminate pests at all stages of their life cycle, unlike fumes and mists or aerosols, which are only solid or liquid particles, respectively, that disperse in the air but do not have the same penetration capacity.

In addition, other advantages of fumigation are its effectiveness, since they are able to eliminate pests almost entirely, without leaving residues, which allows to be able to perform these treatments in food products. Therefore, in the Food Industry it is where these types of treatments are usually performed, in order to eliminate any insects that may be in the Stored Products (IPA’s).

They are also used in order to prevent and control large infestations in enclosed enclosures such as containers, silos or industrial ships, where numerous materials are stacked and it is difficult to reach all areas.

Some rodents, such as moles and topillos, are other types of pests that are usually found in meadows and gardens, which are hidden in burrows and it is difficult to reach them, so fumigations in these cases are very effective.

In Gimasur we are approved applicators of plant protection products used to perform fumigations in different types of crops and pests such as the control of moles, bulldozers, rodents, insects.

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Gimasur sprays for pest control in Andalusia


  • AGROCELHONE: One of the products we use for soil spraying is AGROCELHONE, a Fungicide, Nematicide and Soil Disinfectant based on 1.3 dichloropropene and chloropicrin. This product is used before planting or planting, replacing methyl bromide. It has excellent control of nematodes and soil fungi, bacteria, insects and weed seeds, which are the cause of various diseases and the presence of pests in the soil.

The use of this product guarantees a higher quality production and free of waste, in addition, it is compatible with the AENOR and EUREP-GAP certifications.

The different types of crops that can be fumigrated with AGROCELHONE in zucchini crops, pumpkin, cucumber, melon, watermelon, pepper, tomato, eggplant, bean, carrot, leek, sweet potato, rábano, artichoke, broccoli, lettuce, ornamentals, potato, strawberry, vine, raspberry, blackberry and cut flower and is soon expected for asparagus, prior to planting, transplantation or planting and within the Integrated Control strategy of the Specific Regulations

  • GASTROXIN: This aluminum phosphide product is transformed into phosphine. It is used for both rodenticide treatments of moles and bulldozers, as well as fumigant against warehouse insects.

The different types of crops that can be fumigated with GASTROXIN-B are: conifers, crops, deciduous fruit, subtropical/tropical fruit, nuts, cereal grains, legume grains, horticultural, herbaceous ornamentals, woody ornamentals, grasslands, meadows, dried products, oilseeds and others and tobacco. It is also used for quarantined treatments.

  • PHOSTOXIN: This aluminum phosphide product is also transformed into phosphine. It is used for rhodium-plated treatments against moles and topillos in conifers, crops, deciduous fruit, subtropical and tropical, horticultural, herbaceous and woody ornamentals, grasslands and meadows.

It also acts as an insecticide being an indoor fumigant against warehouse insects. The different types of crops where it can be used are: cocoa beans, spices, cereal grains, nuts, legume grains, dried products, oilseeds, flour, canvases, tobacco and tea. It can also be used for quarantine treatments.



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