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With the entry into force of Royal Decree 742/2013 establishing the technical-health criteria for control of swimming pools in Spain, a number of new obligations are established so far. The main obligation is the obligation to carry out the Protocol Control Pools for swimming pools for collective use. The Protocol lays down the technical-health criteria for the water and air quality of swimming pools in order to protect the health of users from possible physical, chemical or microbiological risks arising from the use of them.

The owner of the swimming pool must have a Control Protocol Pools specific to his aquatic installation, which will always be in the pool itself available to the maintenance staff and the competent authority, and must keep it up to date.

The person responsible for compliance with this Royal Decree is the owner (natural or legal person, public or private or community of owners who owns the pool).

What kind of pools have to implement the Pool Control Protocol?

Royal Decree 742/2013 applies to any swimming pool for public use. If your pool is type 1 or type 2, you are required to perform the Control Pools Protocol:

• Type 1: Swimming pools where water-related activity is the main objective, such as for public pools, leisure pools, water parks or spas.

• Type 2: Swimming pools that act as a supplementary service to the main objective, such as in the case of hotel pools, tourist accommodation, camping or therapeutics in health centres, among others.

Sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Not having the Protocol of Control of Swimming Pools, can imply strong ECONOMIC SANCTIONS, TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF THE POOL and in the case of summer pools, that THE OPENING OF the aquatic installation IS NOT AUTHORIZED.

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Gimasur – Sanitary Control of Pools and Legionella


Gimasur’s mission is to make life easier for farm managers and pool owners. To do this, we have our own department specialized in the elaboration of the Protocol Control Pools. Our technical team is composed of consultants specialized in aquatic facilities.

For the correct adaptation of the pool to the regulations that establish the technical-health criteria, it is necessary to know in depth the management model of the same, so that its daily working procedures can be known. That is why we will collect information from each of the departments involved in the management of the pool.

Services to be performed by Gimasur:

  • Data collection for the realization of an initial analysis of the pool: The objective of this analysis is to thoroughly study the structural and organizational characteristics of the aquatic installation. The two methods available to make this first contact can be in face-to-face format or through telematics media.
  • Technical diagnosis of existing management systems in the aquatic installation.
  • Identification of technical and personal problems and needs that may condition the proper development of compliance with the requirements reflected in Royal Decree 742/2013.
  • Analysis of the minutes issued by the Competent Inspection Authority.
  • Drafting of the Pool Control Protocol

Gimasur Ambiental S.L will draft the Piscinas Control Protocol Document reflecting the required measures and organizational tools of assistance with regard to:

  • Water treatment of each glass.
  • Water Control.
  • Maintenance of the pool.
  • Cleaning and disinfection, including Legionella Prevention and Control.
  • Safety and Good Practices.
  • Pest Control Plan.
  • Provider and Services Management.

Delivery and explanation of documentation: The pool manager will receive all the documentation developed by Gimasur, with verbal indications and accompanied by a Report of Instructions for the development of the implementation.

Advice before Inspections of the Competent Authority: Gimasur Ambiental,S.L. will assume the informative advice of the pool owner, before the Competent Inspection Authority, either ex officio, already motivated by complaints or complaints from the users of the aquatic installation, provided that they do not bring cause of situations prior to the signing of the contract for the provision of our services.

Gimasur will also advise the pool manager on the functions set out in Royal Decree 742/2013, so that this figure correctly fulfils and develops its obligations.



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