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Gimasur pest control in Antequera

Gimasur Ambiental can provide deratization, disinfection and disinfection services on farms, pens and livestock, poultry and fish installations, for them, the applicator technicians, who have approved training and under the supervision of a technical manager, will use approved biocides for veterinary hygiene to control pathogens, pests and vectors affecting or living around animals.

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Gimasur pest control in Antequera


For the Desinsection service:

The Technical Manager will carry out before each general application, an inspection, which will be accredited by the corresponding diagnosis of the treatment in the document called DIAGNOSIS DE SITUATION.

To do this, it will follow the following methodology:

  1. We will place pheromones and capture traps, which will determine the structural conditions of the facilities to be inspected in:
  • Proximity of electric motors
  • Sources of moisture
  • Heat sources
  • Areas with the presence of food, organic waste, etc…
  • Passing areas
  1. Disassemble plugs, plates, trapdoors, arches or any shelter for pests.

In addition we will observe the exterior of the establishment: garbage containers, cartons, fans, false ceilings, floors, etc.

The treatments will be carried out by the applicator staff and under the guidelines established by the Technical Manager. The result will be reflected in the CERTIFICATE OF SERVICES that specifies the measures and techniques performed according to and order of the control methods:


If chemical methods are applied:

  1. We will use monitoring and capture traps (physical measurements).
  2. In the case of further infestation, we will use emulsifiable insecticides or lacquers (depending on the previous diagnosis).

To do this we use insecticide products (Group 3: Type 18)

For the Deratization service:

The Technical Manager shall carry out an inspection, which shall be accredited by the corresponding diagnosis of the processing in the document called SITUATION DIAGNOSIS.

To do this we follow the following methodology:

  1. A visual inspection of the facilities shall be carried out by detecting structural, behavioural or hygienic situations justifying the cause of the problem.
  2. This inspection may be complemented by the placement of placebo-baited safety bait holders that allow us to identify points in the facility with the presence of rodents. The portacebos will be placed in all logical areas of rodent passage, hiding them as much as possible so as not to raise alarm.

Once a species has been detected, the service will be provided, replacing placebo-affected bait carriers with biocide. The biocide to be used will depend on the species we face:

Each performance, whether general or maintenance, will culminate in the completion by the Applicator Technician of a Certificate of Service, reflecting both the measures taken and corrective measures.

For the Disinfection service:

To prevent the proliferation of bacterial colonies we use fungicide/bactericidal action products.

The Technical Manager will take a sampling to identify what we are fighting about, being defined in the SITUATION DIAGNOSIS. The applicator staff, following the guidelines of the technical manager, shall apply the disinfectant product diluting in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer and complying with safety and hygiene protocols.

Each action will culminate in the completion by the Applicator Technician of a Certificate of Services, reflecting both the measures taken and corrective measures.

To do this we use disinfectant products (Group 1: Type 2).



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