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Gimasur – Environmental Management of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste in Andalusia

Waste management is the set of activities carried out to treat a waste, including the collection, transport and treatment of such waste either dangerous RP as non-hazardous NPR, according to the LER code.

GIMASUR AMBIENTAL, S.L. can provide you with various waste management services for the LIST of LER Codes that is attached at the end of the page, since it has the following authorizations:

  • Waste Agent: We carry out Advisory and Intermediation activities by contacting waste producers, carriers and final managers, in order to reduce costs and ensure the complete management of the waste produced. GIMASUR AMBIENTAL, S.L. is authorized to be Hazardous Waste Agent with authorization number AN-0629-A, and Non-Hazardous Waste with authorization number GRU-2487-A.
  • Waste Negotiators: We carry out the purchase and subsequent sale of the waste for its treatment. GIMASUR AMBIENTAL, S.L. is authorized to practice as a trader for Non-Hazardous Waste with authorization number GRU-2487-N.

We ensure that a complete operation is carried out to treat the waste purchased, for this purpose:

  • To collect and transport the waste, it is delivered to the Waste Producer of a Collection Packing Slip detailing the waste collected, its origin, the carrier, its weight if known and the license plate of the transport vehicle.
  • After transporting and unloading, a Final Manager Proof of Delivery is collected with the details of the weight and characteristics of the waste.
  • After the waste has been delivered to the Final Manager, a Waste Management Certificate is issued to the Producer justifying the managed waste, the exact weight and the operation to which it has been subjected.
  • With each Certificate issued, a copy of the Proof of Delivery and the Collection Packing Slip issued to the producer is kept to store the traceability of the waste, from its origin to destination. All this is available to the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Waste Carrier: We carry out the transport of non-hazardous waste from its place of production to the treatment center or final manager. GIMASUR AMBIENTAL, S.L. is authorized to be a Non-Hazardous Waste Carrier with authorization number GRU-5510-T.
  • Recycling of lamp waste.

Gimasur Ambiental, S.L, collaborates with AMBILAMP, in a service of recycling lamps, both tubes and fluorescent lamps, as well as other types of lamps.

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