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Water can be the focus of important diseases, so Gimasur Ambiental works with laboratories with extensive experience in the analysis of drinking water, which are ISO 9001 certified and accredited by ENAC 17025, an essential requirement for water analysis in municipalities.

It performs all types of water analysis established by Real Decreto 140/2003, which are:

  • Organoleptic examination: consists of the assessment of the organoleptic characteristics of human consumption water based on smell, taste, color and turbidity.
  • Control analysis: this type of analysis aims to provide the manager and health authority with information on the organoleptic and microbiological quality of water for human consumption, as well as information on the effectiveness of water treatment.
  • Full analysis: aims to provide the manager and the health authority with the information to determine whether or not distributed human consumption water respects the parametric values defined in this provision. To this end, the parameters of Annex I to DR 140/2003 and those deemed appropriate by the health authority to safeguard the health of the stocked population shall be determined.

The most common analyses are:

  • Legionella analysis.
  • Tap analysis.
  • Potability analysis.
  • Complete well water analysis.
  • Radioactivity.
  • Trihalomethanes.

In addition, it performs analysis of Legionella according to the criteria of Real Decreto 865/2003. Legionellosis is a bacterial disease that affects the lungs and can appear as pneumonia with high fever, or non-pneumonically, manifesting itself as acute febrile syndrome and mild prognosis.

Legionella infection can be acquired both at the community and hospital level and may be associated with various types of facilities, equipment or buildings such as:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Sanitary Hot Water Systems.
  • Cold Water Systems for Human Consumption.
  • Hydromassage Pools, SPAS.
  • Ornamental Fountains.
  • Fire Systems.
  • Spray Irrigation Systems.

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Gimasur pest control in Antequera


Microbiological risks to foodstuffs are one of the main sources of foodborne diseases for people.

In accordance with Article 4 of Regulation 852/2004, food business operators must meet microbiological criteria.

This involves carrying out tests to compare with the values established for the criteria, by sampling, carrying out analyses and the application of corrective actions, in accordance with food law and the instructions of the competent authority.

Gimasur pest control in Antequera


The regulations and implementation of the self-control system may contain APPCC (Critical Point Analysis) and PGH (General Hygiene Plan), which require food companies to have a cleaning plan that must be verified by analysis of surfaces that are in contact with food.

In addition, in sanitary or sports facilities, it is also necessary to carry out surface analysis in order to avoid possible infections.



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