Sanitation Network Surveillance

Antequera conducts a campaign to monitor and inspect the sanitation network to prevent pests

Monitoring the sanitation network

EUROPA PRESS 22.05.2018

The Deputy Deputy Mayor of the Malaga Municipality of Antequera, Juan Alvarez, has confirmed that the specialized company Gimasur Ambiental is carrying out surveillance and inspection work of the sanitary arch in order to avoid hygienic-health problems arising from urban pests, such as rodents or cockroaches mainly, frequent in summer in all urban enclaves.

In particular, the monitoring of the sanitation network is a preventive inspection action carried out in all the neighborhoods of Antequera, seeking to evaluate certain situations, given the cases, in which it is necessary to carry out a deratization or disinfection on public roads, thus anticipating a demographic explosion, as reported by the City Council through a statement.

Thus, as a prevention measure against rising temperatures and humidity, a global disinfection campaign is underway in the last month in all the neighborhoods of the city with a certain degree of cockroach infestation, in order to avoid its greatest impact in the summer period.

Both disinfection and deratization have taken place during the hours of the night, from 22.00 to 04.00 hours, to avoid inconvenience to traffic and citizens.

The treated areas have been specifically Parquesol, Parque Verónica, Albarizas, García Prieto, Juan Porras, Nueva Andalucía, Padre Ferris, San José, Girón, La Paz, Los Remedios, Fray Mateo Delgado, Avenida de Málaga, Calle Toledo, San Isidro, La Quinta, Fernández Viagas, San Francisco, Miraflores, Carretera Córdoba, El Molino, Infante Don Fernando and Picadero.

On the other hand, it reported that the next treatment for pest control was expected to take place, based on the experience of previous years, in July and August, although, “thanks to the early action already carried out, possible incidents are minimized”.

“Both the Environment area and the municipal company Aguas del Torcal have been working in preliminary weeks on concrete actions that are carried out with the arrival of high temperatures, all with the aim of cleaning and good condition of the city’s sanitation, thus giving rise to all our neighbors,” concluded the lieutenant mayor.

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